My name is Philippe Radelet. I come from Belgium but became an
American citizen May 1, 2006.  I am teaching  in Louisiana. I have
taught at all levels from elementary to college. I was honored to
be chosen as the Ascension Parish Teacher of the Year.
I have created a series of products because I was unhappy with
what was available on the market. For instance, I tried to find
songs to teach vocabulary to TRUE beginners but all I could find
was either boring or way too difficult for beginners. As a result, I
started writing my own songs. I shared them with other people
and was asked to record them, which I did.
I booked a recording studio. I sent the CDs to Teacher's
Discovery and they accepted to distribute them. I then
developed a few WebQuests, Quizmania, and a French audio
dictionary. All together I have created 14 CDs - all distributed by
Teacher's Discovery.

I sell my CDs directly to teachers at the heavily discounted price
of $10 each.  Free shipping on orders of 10 CDs or more! Click
here for shipping rates.